You will Feel More Secure if YOU Control Your Income Generator

Are you stuck in the Job Trap?

I have been there!

Come increase time you just hope they give you something extra so that after the years inflation has taken its toll you have a bit more left than last year. Often there is an excuse about your performance over a minor incident that damages your chances of a better increase

This can and often does impact you and your family because there is never enough!

The job can creep up on you and your life to the point where the job becomes everything and often you cannot see anything beyond that and it becomes your life!

How do I know? I have been there!

You can take action to change your fortunes! The key is to take action!

So what can you do?

Firstly you need to start looking!

What do I mean?  When you start looking at what others are doing you start to become sensitised to new ideas and options. The internet is a massive research tool for you to use. It also holds endless opportunities.  If you don't start looking you will never discover what is possible for you.

The Internet makes it possible for you to start a sideline business from home with minimal capital. I did! I started with less than R1000 and grew it into a well paying business today.

The difference in developing your own business is that you have the control over your fortunes. You can quickly make course directions when things change. You ultimately can eliminate threats to your personal security like retrenchments because you are in control.

It is a fallacy that you have to register a company to start a business! If you want to register something you can register an Internet WEB Site. Once you have that name no-one can take it from you. You can open a bank account in that name as a sole proprietorship. That's it!

You don't even have to go that far to get something started. If I managed to get started so can you.

It takes focus and determination. You can learn the skills you need as you go.

Anyone can get started. Someone said "What makes you so special that you can't!

I would be happy to share what I know and brainstorm some ideas with you if you really want to make a difference and get something started.

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