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 Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Cells

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 Cell Pricing

Cell Type Diameter Length Rating


Price Incl VAT
Samsung ICR18650-22P
Max Continuous Discharge
18mm 65mm 2200mAh
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Samsung ICR18650-22F
Max Continuous Discharge 4.4A
18mm 65mm 2200mAh Samsung ICR18650-22F
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Samsung INR18650-25R
Max Continuous Discharge 20A
18mm 65mm 2500mAh
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Samsung ICR18650
Protection Circuit
18.5mm 69mm 2600mAh Samsung ICR18650-26F R108.30
17670 17mm 67 1400mAh R85.80
18500 17mm 50 1100mAh R68.40
1450 14mm 50 800mAh R62.70
043450 4mm *
34mm *


48 800mAh R79.80
053450 5mm *
34mm *
50 1000mAh R68.40
weight 50gm
6mm *
34mm *
50 1050mAh R87.78
103450 Lipo  cell with protection circuit
weight 50gm
plug width 7mm thickness 3.2mm
10mm *
34mm *
50 1800mAh 103450 Lipo R148.20

Lithium Ion Protection  Circuits

Lithium ion cells have an operating voltage range from 2.8v absolute minimum to 4.2V absolute maximum. Charging the cells beyond 4.2V will cause them to heat up and ultimately explode and ignite. Discharging a cell below 2.8v will damage the cell rendering it useless. A protection circuit is essential to keep the cells in balance and ensure proper charging and discharging.

These circuits are suitable for hobbyists wanting to use Lithium polymer and Lithium ion cells. We do not accept liability/responsibility for the safety of operation of these circuits and suggest that when charging check the voltage balance and heating of any cells frequently during the charging period.

Single Cell Protection Circuit
Price R25 plus VAT = R28.50
Two Cell Protection Circuit
Price R37 Plus VAT = R42.18
2 Cell Li-ion PCB
Three cell Protection Circuit
Price R80 plus VAT = R91.20
Three cell Protection Circuit 7Ah
Price R150 plus VAT = R171
Four Cell Protection Circuit

Price R98 Plus VAT = R111.72

Lithium Ion Chargers

A lithium ion cell operates in the voltage range min 2.8V to 4.2V Max per cell. This means you need a 4.2V charger to charge a single cell properly to full voltage. Two cells in series will need an 8.4V charger, 3 cells will need a 12.6V charger and 4 cells ,16.8V.

Applying a voltage significant higher than the required voltage will activate the protection circuit prematurely and it will shut down the charge before the cell reaches full charge.

We have the following Lithium ion chargers

Our range of chargers show a red led while charging and changes to green when fully charged.

We also build lithium ion packs according to your spec - Call us for quotes.

Charger pricing per table below

1 Cell - 4.2V 2Ah R196.08

2 Cell - 8.4V 2Ah R222.30

3 Cell - 12.6V 2Ah R250.80

4 Cell - 16.8V 2Ah R285

Single 18650 cell charger

Rating 4.2V 550mAh

Price R79.80 Incl VAT

Note: Cell not included

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