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Laptop / Notebook Power Supplies/AC Adapters

Standard Notebook / Laptop Power Supplies/
AC Adapters/ Chargers/ Power Cord

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 If you are unsure which model applies to you why not just give us a
call we will be glad to assist.

Laptop Charger /
AC Adapter/ Power Cord
All units supplied with
AC Power

Model  Volts/Amps For Laptop Connector Dimensions Price Incl VAT
LA1923 19V 2.3A HP 5.5mm*2.5mm R379
LA1934 19V 3.4A Toshiba 5.5mm*2.5mm R460
LA1947 19V 4.74A Acer, Aopen, Asus, Fujitsu, GigaByte, HP, Toshiba 5.5mm*2.5mm R569
LA1865 18V 6.5A Acer, HP, Lenovo 5.5mm*2.5mm R569
LA1963 19V 6.3A Acer, Hp, Fujitsu, Mecer 5.5mm*2.5mm R 569
The above chargers have a standard barrel tip size i.e 5.5mm outer diameter with a 2.5mm center hole.

Listed below is a list of converter tips that can be used with these chargers to allow you to use the chargers on most laptops. The pricing of the tip is in addition to the cost of the charger.

Advantage is that if a specialist tip is damaged you can just replace the tip without having to buy a whole new charger thus saving you money!
Tip Suitable for  Size Picture Ex
C2 FOR SAMSUNG (I) 5.5mm * 3mm Center Pin C2  R 40
C6 FOR SONY 6.5mm * 4.4mm Center Pin C6 R 40
C7 FOR Acer 5.5mm*1.7mm Barrel C7 R 40
C12 IBM Thinkpad Four Holes C12 R 58
C13 FOR TOSHIBA 6.3mm * 3mm Barrel C13 R 40
C15 For Lenovo 7.9mm *0.9mm Center Pin C15 R 46
C24 For HP Big Tip 7,4mm * 0.6 mm Center Pin C24 R 46
C26 FOR 2.5MM 0.7MM Acer and Asus Tablets & Atoms C26 R 40
C27 DELL PA10, PA12 7.9mm *0.6mm Center Pin c27 R 58
C28 APPLE MAGNETIC 45W,60W,85W   C28 R 69
C30 HP MINI 210 4.0MM 1.7MM 4mm * 1.7mm C30 R 41
C31 Acer /Asus 3mm @ 1mm C31 R41
C32 DELL XPS 13 ULTRABOOK 4.5mm *3mm Barrel C32 R58
C32-1 HP PAVILIION 15-P   C32-1 R 46
C33 HP MINI 210 4.0MM 1.7MM 4mm * 1.35mm C33 R 46
C34 HP PAVILION 15-B000 4mm * 1,7mm Barrel C34 R 46
C35 HP ENVY 14 ULTRABOOK 4.75mm * 1,7mm Barrel C35 R 46

Universal Notebook Power Supplies

CARC90W Universal DC Adapter
Car Charger for
DC to DC Portable Power

Rating 19V 4.7Ah

Portable Computer Car Power Supply Use this instead of your mains power supply.

Charge your battery while you are mobile
Charge your phone from the supply's USB connector
Output 90watts (6 Amps)
Various Tips available to suit Laptop Model

A bargain at
R482 VAT inclusive

Includes one Tip

SCDC1260 Universal DC Adapter
Car Charger

Portable Computer Car Power Supply Use to charge your laptop while on the road

This device offers a major advantage to those on the move:

Charge your battery while you are mobile
Charge your phone from the supply's USB connector
Supplied with 8 interchangeable connectors (barrel type only) and keys to set the voltage output.
SCDC1260 tips
Output 15-24V 90 watts (6 Amps)

A bargain at
R482.00 VAT inclusive