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Light to Beat Load Shedding Darkness  
Lights Bright enough to allow you to Read
Pricing as at October 23

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Lithium ion battery packs have a high power storage density and are ideal for application where weight is an issue. A 18650 lithium cell typically weighs 50gms.

Lithium ion has a low self discharge rate so an unused fully charged pack will still have full charge after 6 or more months!

The LED strip below powered with one of the Lithium ion batteries below and placed on top of a cupboard or high point in a room pointing at the ceiling will almost make you forget that your are suffering loadshedding.

Why not have a battery and LED strip for key rooms? 

Super Bright LED Light Strips
Super Bright Light Strip
Price  R115 incl VAT
Model AK3S1P-3400
Price R626 Incl VAT
Will Run the LED Strip for 5 Hours
Nominal Voltage 11.1V
Capacity 3400mAh
Max Voltage 12.6V
Min Voltage 8.4V
Internal Protection Fuse 5A
Charge Rate Max 3A
Discharge Rate Max 2.5A
Short Circuit Protection Max 3A
Reverse voltage protection Max 3A
Dimensions 200mm*40mm*20mm
Weight 150gm

 Lithium ion Battery Charger

The charger will charge at 12.6 volts. 1A (11.1V nominal Battery full charge voltage)  The charger has an indicator led that is red when charging and green when the cell is fully charged. It helps to eliminate the risk of overcharging which could result in cell ignition and fire. Charger  Li-ion 12.6V 2A

Price R287 incl VAT 

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