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Fibre  WiFi UPS 
Uninteruptable Power Supply
for Your Fibre Internet Connection
An Effective UPS designed to keep your Fibre
running for up to 3 to 6  hours during Load Shedding

Pricing for May 24

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Compact System -  Small Foot Print

System Comprises 
Charger to Charge Lithium ion Battery
Lithium battery
Voltage Splitter Box  that has two power connector points and a Double USB 5V sockets

Why Separate Components?

1. If you need a bigger battery we can
build one to suit your need

2. If your charger gets damaged in a
voltage surge it can be replaced.

Separate charger and battery means
You can easely replace components or
hot swop batteries or add batteries if needed

3. We manufacture these units so we can repair them.
You won't be met with "they don't make them anymore"

You have Options!

Fibre Ups System

Akita Fibre UPS System Comprises
AK12V-5V Voltage splitter
With power plugs to power
  fibre termination box and
your Network Router.
It also has 2 USB sockets They can be used to power a Digital Internet phone transceiver and or charge a cellphone

Price R708 Plus VAT=R814
AK12V5V Voltage Splitter
Lithium Ion Battery Options to Power the System
will power the system for  3 hours

Price R565 plus VAT=R650
will power the system for 6 hours

Price R885 Plus VAT= R1018
Lithium Ion Battery Charger
Lithium Ion Battery Charger
Rating 16.8V 3 Amp

Price R340 plus VAT=R391
Charger 16.8V 3Amp

Whats The Alternative?
UPS with Battery Charger, Lead Acid Battery and Inverter 
Small Footprint Fibre UPS replaces all this!
Here  you have a lead acid Battery charger that charges a lead acid battery that powers an Inverter to generate 220V to power an adapter so you can plug in a charger for the Fibre, a Charger for the Ethernet Router  and a charger for the Internet Landline
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