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One Income Source is Not Enough?

Consider this
Your business product range was exclusively one product that sold well in the market and was an easy sell so all your focus was on that item. One month there is a sudden drop in turnover because it normally picks up the next month. Next month is does not nor the month after. You decide to investigate only to find enormous competition has arrived and their price is much lower that your cost price.

That one product is one income stream that failed. It is safer to bring a number of products to the market so creating multiple income streams so if one fails the other income steams will carry you while you find a replacement.

That makes business sense because the market is always changing.
Relying on a salary from a job is like have one product to market i.e. you! If you arrive for work towards the end of the month and find that the Sheriff has a sequestration order and the premises are locked and your salary well .....?

What is your backup plan?

In today's market you are taking a massive risk by not working towards creating a backup income stream that you can actively control. Apart from mitigating your financial risk you will have something to get excited about. You will also sleep better knowing that if the job fails and your backup plan is working, you won't loose your home, your car and everything you worked for because you cannot pay the bills.
Any legitimate business requires you to move product to generate turnover and usually also requires a substantial investment which can also be a start-up risk.

The market has changed. It is now possible to develop a business turnover generating profits and someone else carries the responsibility for product development, supply and distribution of the products and you get a share of the profit generated by that turnover?
So why not undertake a proper investigation of what
may be possible for you?

I will be happy to share the concepts of this business model.

Some conditions though.

You must be prepared to do some work to develop any business. Any venture be it a job or a business requires you to develop new skills.
If you are not prepared to learn new skills then
you are guaranteed failure.

Be aware there is no free lunch you have to
invest in yourself!

We are looking for some key people to work with us on this project.
If you think you have what it takes let's chat and see
if you can work with us in our team,
Call Graham on 011 704 2428 or email info@akita.co.za with some info on what you are currently doing and where you are located

Over 55? You will be forced into retirement
at 65 and maybe well before that.
Question is are you prepared to take action to
combat the financial crash or are you just going to let it happen?

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