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Business Associates Required

We know you are out there and we are hunting!

Do you have a flair/strong interest in developing your business potential?
Are stuck in a job which you cannot give up because
financial commitments dictate that you stay in the rut.
Do you long to get something up and running so one day you can escape?
Are you willing to put up a good fight to break free?
Are you tired of always having to try to make ends meet and as always
there is just never enough.
If it's not school fees, it's a traffic fine, a medical bill, vet's bill,
car needs tyres, birthdays etc. And then wouldn't it be nice to just be
able to save for a holiday of a lifetime.

Does this sound like your circumstances?

If you are prepared to give up some TV to make a difference then we would like to talk to you! You may just have the qualities we are looking for.

We have a number of products and some interesting business proposals for the right person. If you have entrepreneurial flair, spare time available or are prepared to make time to earn some cash give us a call. You may just be the person with whom we can establish a business relationship and help you get a  sideline business underway. How far and how much depends on you, your work ethic, determination and ability and willingness to learn.

If you do nothing - expect nothing!
If you put in the effort you will be surprised!


Call us on 011 704 2429 to set up an appointment for an interview.

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