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Rechargable Batteries
For Computers, Power Tools, Hobby & General Use
We supply Hi-Capacity NiCd, NiMh & Li-ion rechargeable cells.
NOTE! We Specialise in Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Computer Batteries
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Cell Types & Sizes

Nickel Cadmium Batteries (NiCd)
Flat Top cells For Drill Packs
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These cells will withstand abuse more so than other types. They need to be discharged completely occasionally before recharging otherwise they suffer from what is known as the "memory effect" and pretend to be fully charged and so run down quickly. The preferred cell for power tools.

NiCd Sub C & 4/5 Sub C

Nickel Cadmium (NICd) (+-300 Recharges)

Size Rating Diameter Height Price
4/5 Sub C
Power Tools
1200mAh 22.1 32 R48.30
Sub C
Power Tools
2200mAh 22.1 42 R48.30

Hobbyists and Do-it Yourselfers
We can supply tagging strips to assist you to build battery packs

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