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Battery Repacking/ Refurbishing
Types NiCD, NiMh, Li-ion
We Specialise in Lithium Ion (Li-Ion) Battery Packs

We handle batteries from all over South Africa

What does Repacking Entail?

We open the battery pack, remove the old cells, rebuild the
cell infrastructure with new cells
Where Lithium ion packs are concerned we re-connect the microprocessor controlled electronic management circuitry and restart the battery and test.

Cell replacement is your best option when the battery price is
too high or the battery is out of production.

Drill Battery Repacks
We can refurbish most NiCd & Nimh Packs. and  Lithium ion packs if the battery electronics are stable
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Drill Battery
Bicycle /Mouintain Bike Battery Repacks
Do you have state of the art super bright LED Bike Lights.
When the battery dies we can rebuild even replacing faulty battery electronics where needed
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Bike Light Battery
Medical Device Batteries
We can rebuild most medical Device batteries at a fraction of the cost for new ones
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Medical Device Batteries
Vacuum Cleaner Batteries
We can rebuild most Portable Vacuum Cleaner batteries at a fraction of the cost for new ones
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Vacuum Cleaner Batteries
Cells for Vaping Devices
Samsung high discharge rate (20A)
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Samsung INR18650-25R
Lithium ion Battery Repacking Costs

Use the table below as a rough guide. Repacking is generally the cheaper option!

If your pack is rated at 10.8V or 11.1V it most likely contains 6 cells.
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Li-Ion (18650) Battery Repack Price Calculation Table
No of Cells  Voltage Rating mAh Cell Price Labour Total  VAT
3 11.1 2500 110 120 R 450 R517
4 14.8 2500 110 120 R 560 R 644
6 11.1 5200 110 120 R 780 R897
8 14.8 5200 110 120 R 1000 R1150
10 18 7500 110 150 R1250 R 1437
12 11.1 7500 110 150 R 1470 R 1518
12 14.8 7500 110 150 R 1470 R 1518

Repacking Risk

We will not charge you for our time if we are not successful.
We offer a 14 day money back guarantee
In such an event we will re-insert your old cells at no cost.

All Li-Ion packs contain microprocessor based management circuitry.

It may be that this circuitry is damaged in which case you will have no option but to replace the battery pack. We will test this circuitry and will attempt the repack if we consider that the chance of success is good.
Where possible we repair circuit damage at no cost to you!
We risk our time to save you money!

Examples of Laptop Battery Pack Layouts & Circuitry

Li-ion Management Circuit


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