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Rechargable Batteries
For Computers, Power Tools, Hobby & General Use
We supply Hi-Capacity NiCd, NiMh & Li-ion rechargeable cells.
We will post your orders anywhere in South Africa.
NOTE! We Specialise in Lithium Ion (Li-ion) Computer Batteries
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Prices Valid
October 2018

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Cell Types & Sizes

Nickel Metal Hydride Batteries (NiMh)
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While we can supply NiCd cells, NiMh is preferred since it is newer technology & they deliver more power and do not suffer from what is known as the "memory effect" and offer a direct substitution for NiCd cells.

NIMH Battery Cells

Nickel Metal Hydride (NIMh) (+-1000 Recharges)
OEM Brands

Size Rating Dia Height Price incl VAT
AAA 950mAh 10.1 42.8 R26 each
AA 2500mAh 14.1 49.5 R38 each
C 4000mAh 25.3 50.5 R86 each
D 9000mAh 32.2 60.5 R155 each
9V 250mAh PP3   R90 each
NiMh Odd Sizes
Size Rating Dia Height Price
2/3 AA 600mAh 14.1 28 R22each
A 2500mAh 16.8 49.0 R44 each
4/5A 1800mAh 16.8 42.1 R43 each
7/5 A 3800mAh 16.8 65.9 R80 each
Sub C 3300mAh 22.1 42.0 R63 each (Power Tools)
4/5 Sub C 2000mAh 22.1 32.0 R50 each (Power Tools)

Hobbyists and Do-it Yourselfers
We can supply tagging strips to assist you to build battery packs

Digital Universal Quick Charger
for NiCad/Nickel Metal Hydride Cells


Charges 4 * AAA or AA or C or D cells and 2 * 9v (PP3) batteries simultaneously. LCD display shows status of charge for each cell

A bargain at R299 incl VAT

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